International Ministries

International Ministries Overview

As a District we are planning to come alongside some international ministries that we can support together. Over the next year we will be learning about different ministries and bringing you the opportunity to learn about them too.  In April, there will be a small team going to Nicaragua and Costa Rica to learn more about two of the ministries with hopes of bringing you a more complete picture of how you can be part of Kingdom work going on there. 

We would like to encourage you to begin getting involved. The first and primary way for you to get involved is to pray. We ask that you pray for us to be an encouragement to those who are doing ministry in those places every day. That we can spur them on to good works as Hebrews 10 talks about. Please pray that we would be able to share Jesus with many people and pray for safety.

The second way that you can get involved is to give. There are more details about the work that will be done in the following paragraphs, but the cost for that ministry to be accomplished can be daunting. As Moses was instructed to “accept the contributions from all whose hearts are moved to offer them” (Exodus 25:2b), we are praying that God will move hearts to supply for the mission that is coming up in April as well as future good works that God has for us to walk in.

The third way for you to get involved is to go. As you pray for this trip and these ministries, be praying as Jesus instructed: “So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields.” (Matthew 9:35). One of those workers may be you, so please contact me if you feel God calling you to participate in one of these ministries.

Now for the details of this coming trip…

In Nicaragua, we will be going to an English teaching school that shares the truth of Jesus as they teach. They are looking forward to having English speakers to talk to. We will also be traveling into remote areas to bring food and share with them about Jesus. A lot of the ministry is based on children, and we couldn’t be more excited to come along side the ministry that is at work there.

In Costa Rica, we will be working with a ministry that gets men and women off of the streets and out of gangs. We will be working on an apartment for women to stay in. We will also be teaching and doing devotions with the people at the refuge. The plan is also to go out into the community to tell children about Jesus. 

Please pray for these two areas. April 20th through May 5th will be the travel dates. Your prayers are needed and appreciated. There are two ways to give, through a check sent to the address below or through Paypal. Either way you give, please put “international ministries” in the memo. Please inform your congregations about these things and if anyone feels called to go in the future, please have them contact me at 

Lexington District
PO Box 911090
Lexington, KY 40591


Meggan Batey