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2019 Charge Conferences

posted on August 22

It’s Charge Conference time!

This year, we have not made any changes in the form submission process from last year.  We have the forms available online, except for the 2 forms that MUST be printed and signed: Check List and Authorization Form and Clergy Comp Instructions and Form.  We encourage you to use the Church Dashboards again this year to enter your Team Nominations (lay leadership positions) and  Church information.  Team Nominations are also required for all, preferably through the Dashboard or there is a printable option.
This year the online forms have this at the bottom of the page:
Are you done and ready to officially submit this form?
If you ARE done and ready to officially submit, check this box 

If you are NOT done, you can simply press the save button and edit the form later.
​Once you hit submit, you will not be able to return and edit!

Here's the link!: https://www.kyumc.org/2019-charge-conference-forms.  
The Church Dashboard is linked from this page as well.  Forms are due by 12pm the day of your charge conference!

We have made a change in format of the event!  We will have Charge Conferences by Missional Hub this year.  You only attend one! 

Charge Conferences Dates: All at 6:30pm

October 22: Nicholasville Area at Nicholasville UMC
October 29: Winchester Area At Winchester Trinity 
November 3: Lexington Area at The Source *please note this is a change of date!
November 4: Richmond Area at Richmond First

Please come with 1-2 Passionate Spiritual Disciples.  Anyone from your congregation is welcome, members are the voting body.  You can learn more about charge conference here.

If you do not know which charge conference you and your congregation should attend, contact your CBL.

​As always, Jessica Wells is here to help: jwells@lexumc.com/859-299-6260