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From Our Church Health Team

posted on August 17

The church health team of the Lexington District has been meeting for the past few months and we have wrestled with ways to help churches throughout the district make forward progress during these uncommon times.   We have a few things in the pipeline, but this is the first thing we would like to invite you to be a part of:  

The Inspire Movement is a network of people who are committed to developing Missional Discipleship in the leadership and life of the Church.  If you are interested in learning more about how to implement a Wesleyan model of discipleship at your church through Fellowship Bands (small groups), Inspire Movement's 5 week Fellowship Band training will not only teach you about this model of discipleship, but you yourself will experience being in a Fellowship band during the training as well. It is a great opportunity for clergy and laity alike, to learn more about how to be a more passionate and more missional disciple.


Our hope is that this scratches an itch that is happening in your local church, for both you as pastor and other leaders in the church.    Click on the link above, explore around a bit, and then sign up if you feel so led.

Have a great day,

Church Health team of the Lexington District