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Cultural Competency Resources

posted on June 18

Rev. Esther Jadhav is an Elder in the Kentucky Annual Conference and Assistant Vice President for Intercultural Affairs at Asbury University.  She was Dr. Alvarez's guest on 30 Minutes with the DS on June 17 to discuss the current climate and how we can grow in cultural competency.  You can watch the whole interview here.

Here are some resources for the individual and your congregation to increase cultural competency: 

  • Cultural Intelligence - https://culturalq.com/
  • Cultural Intelligence – Book accompanying CQ assessment, author - Dr. David Livermore 
  • Racial Justice and Unity Center (Focused on evangelicals and race relations studies in North America) – https://rjuc.org/ subscribe @rjuc.org
The “Do You See What I See? – How Race Relations Cause Us to See Things Differently” dialogue is scheduled as a webinar to be held from 10 a.m. until 12:00 pm (EST) on Saturday, July 25th. This online discussion is designed to equip us to see each other differently and have a greater appreciation for all of God’s people as we work in ministry and live in community together. If we can find a way to begin to see as Jesus does, we will be in a better position to affect change and reconciliation in ourselves and in our congregations, communities, families, and nations. We want to be able to help advance racial justice and equality, bringing hope to people of color who need to be assured that they are deserving of love, mercy, and justice. (Program Host: Kentucky Commission on Religion and Race).

Dismantling Racism: Pressing on to Freedom UMC Service of Lament
Diversity matters - https://www.cccu.org/magazine/diversity-matters/
Christian Consortium of Colleges and Universities (CCCU) -  https://www.cccu.org/

  • Many Colors, cultural intelligence for a changing church – Dr. Soong- Chan Rah
  • Divided by Faith, Evangelical religion and the problem of race in America – Dr. Michael Emerson 
  • Christian America? What evangelicals really want – Dr. Christian Smith