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LX District Youth

posted on January 10

Lexington District

of United Methodist Church


Greetings from the District Youth Leadership Team

The District Wide Praise and Worship event at Trinity Hill was well received. The evening

began with a time of group games and mixers. After this, the group was given time to write prayer requests and place them in the prayer wall. A combined Trinity Hill/ St. Luke praise band led our praise time. A volunteer drama team presented the scripture reading. The message, given by Pastor Brian Ebel from St. Luke, was on target and relevant to our times. Using the prayer wall, the youth and adults were asked to take a prayer request out of the prayer wall and take it to the altar for a time of community prayer. A sacred time of communion was led by Pastor Aaron Mansfield. Thus ended the first District Wide Praise and Worship event for this school year. We hope to continue these events quarterly using locations throughout the district.

Calendar of events:

  • March 6th, we will be meeting for a district wide youth praise and worship event. This event

    will include games, worship, a speaker, prayer time, and drama. (Location to be announced)

  • April 22-23 is the annual YDR (Youth Discipleship Retreat) at Aldersgate Camp.

    The theme for this event is “Experiencing God: Through fellowship”
    This event is open to youth groups and individuals. This is a great opportunity for you to experience an Aldersgate retreat without the stress of putting a weekend program together, worrying about how to feed everyone and having to lead worship and sessions.

    Ideas (please let us know what you think about these ideas by email to paul@im4ky.org):

  • A BYOPB (Bring your own praise band) night where we ask youth groups to bring their praise

    band for a night of praise and worship.

  • A district sponsored mission trip to Eastern Kentucky.

  • An Aldersgate mission trip during spring break

  • Can you help us identify all youth pastors/leaders in our district? If yes, please go to

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RkERJzOGccyVazhEEuV_or96mkskj2g- /edit?usp=sharing&ouid=107260362414421417325&rtpof=true&sd=true
    and add to our database.

  • Are you willing to host a district wide event? If so, please contact Paul Shafer.

  • What topics would you like to see presented in the district wide praise and worship events?

  • What praise songs are important to your youth? (We need a list for the events.)

  • Does your youth group have a praise band or a drama team?

    Team Members: Casey Easterwood, Cassidy Baas, Ben Palmer, Matt Deitrich, and Paul Shafer

    For more information, please call me at 859-519-8665 or email me at paul@im4ky.org