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posted on May 18

Collaborations with health professionals, missionaries, disaster management coordinators and faith leaders have allowed for a global response to COVID-19 by Global Ministries and UMCOR.

From the Philippines to Pennsylvania, Brazil to Burundi, peoples’ daily needs such as health care, food, hygiene and job security are being met.

By equipping local churches, annual conferences and nonprofit organizations to be in mission with their communities, we are caring for one another and extending compassion to those left most vulnerable during this challenging time.

Through the Sheltering in Love campaign and unit programming, we can all celebrate the far-reaching impact of 230 grants totaling $2,329,785 and commit to continued care and compassion in the fight against COVID-19.

Watch the impact video and review the full list of mission partners

UMCOR is receiving urgent requests from ministry partners throughout the U.S. and around the world. Sadly, an overwhelming number of these requests are to meet the need for food.

Partners who operate or directly support food pantries are asking for help as the global fight against COVID-19 is inflating the price of food, especially in places where food insecurity was already a major public health issue - even here in the U.S.

1 in 5 children are “food insecure” in the U.S. according to
an April 2020 survey by the Brookings Institution: 

Our partners abroad are struggling with food insecurity as well. Soaring food prices are compounding regional shortages of food in communities that were already vulnerable.

100% of your gift to the UMCOR COVID-19 Fund will be used to meet the basic needs of people who are hoping for your response.

Please give, today.
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