District Superintendent

Iosmar Alvarez
Rev. Dr. Iosmar Alvarez became Lexington District Superintendent in July, 2018.  Iosmar is a native of Cuba, and came to the United States in 2001. In Cuba, Iosmar worked as a veterinarian prior answering the call to ministry.  He has since received his M.Div and D.min. Since 2015, he has served as Senior Pastor at Fuente De Avivamiento (Spring of Revival) along with his wife, Zulayne. Iosmar are Zulayne are parents to Sulam.

Lay Leader

Irene Hatton
Irene, our District lay leader, grew up in a Methodist home in NJ. She was greatly influenced by her father, a sweet corn farmer and very active lay person in the church and community.  She is married to Rev. Donald Hatton, retired elder, and mother to Dr. John W. Hatton (pastor at Columbia UMC) and Michael W. Hatton (professor at NKU).  She is a retired elementary, kindergarten and preschool teacher and a KY Certified Early Care and Education Trainer. She was a developmental interventionist in KY’s Early Intervention system, First Steps, for twelve years.  In addition, she has always taken an active part in the work of the United Methodist Church in the last 50 years.  She has a soft spot in her heart for young children, the disabled and the elderly and ministers wherever there is a need in the work of the church.  She became a Certified Lay Speaker in 1988 and enjoys leading Bible studies.  Her passion to teach the Bible began when she took The Disciple Bible Study.  Her trips to Israel, Greece, Turkey and Rome gave her new insights into the Hebrew Roots of our faith and she established EnGedi Ministries to teach about the Feasts of the Lord and the Biblical culture to anybody who would listen. She has been leading Passover Seders for over 25 years.   It is her hope and prayer that our Lexington District laity will have a new vision for discipleship and leadership for this current time and place.  She would love to talk with you about any new ideas you might have as we walk in the footsteps of Jesus.

Administrative Assistant

Jessica Wells
Jessica is the Administrative Assistant for the District.  In addition to providing communication, she manages this website, works with our treasurer, and serves as the registrar for the District Committee on Ordained Ministry.  Jessica is married to Stephen and mom to Isaac, Seth and Olivia.